The Lakeshore trail crosses the dam (south side shown here) at Tyler State Park

Walking the Lakeshore Trail

There are so many wonderful trails at Tyler State Park, but in this post I’m walking the popular Lakeshore trail. This path goes all the way around the lake and is easily accessible from from all the day use areas and most of the camping loops (Cedar Point and the cabins are the exceptions.) There are some pretty little beach-like spots along the south and south-east shorelines where you can enter the lake to swim, fish or launch a kayak and there are benches here and there where you can take a breather. Of all the trails in the park this one has the best views and some really nice spots to take photos.

The Lakeshore trail is mostly flat, although there are a few places where it forks and you can choose to take the easier path on higher ground, or get down closer to the lake where you’ll have to navigate tree roots and some washed-out areas.

There are also a couple of places where the trail vanishes completely: through the Lakeview RV and tent camping loop, through the boat ramp parking lot (you’ll have to briefly get on the road to cross a short bridge) and through the whole Northside park store and swimming areas. Just follow the lake and the trail will reappear.

The official Tyler State Park trail map lists Lakeshore as 2.1 miles long and taking 1.5 hours to complete, but I’ve made it in under an hour even when stopping to take 10-15 photos (I am a fast walker, though.)

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